Archeage is a game about choosing paths, it is the ultimate sandbox and as such you get to choose what YOU want to do. Our guild embraces this fact and allows you multiple options to choose as well. We have 3 primary core groups but all play styles are welcome:


Trading Core – Commander: Company

Are you a dedicated merchant? Running packs across the continent or creating valuable materials for other players. Are you a humble farmer? Looking for places to lay your crops in a crowded and pirate infested world. Are you looking for a group of friends to play with and have great conversations with?


Protector Core – Commander: Bullman

Are you about protecting those that cannot protect themselves? Are you the kind of guildie that will drop what they are doing for a brother/sister in need? Are you willing to go head long into a fight, even if you know you will likely die to ensure our goals are met and our people protected? Then the Protector core is for you! This group will be invite based, those showing the desire and qualities to excel with us will be given the honor of wearing the crest.







PvP Core – Commander: Psybur

Are you an enforcer? Do you enjoy laying waste to the reds and protecting your fellow guild mates? Do you enjoy cruising the high seas and pillaging enemy vessels (and destroying them for little cause other than they looked at us funny). Do you like to help defend the defenseless?




We are splitting Enforcer out into Enforcer and Protectors. Enforcers will be focused on clearing landing zones, dealing with Red issues, sailing the seas recovering Red Packs.  Protectors will be focused on running guard for guild members.  They might guard when packs are being ran, come to defense as Reds are attacking the Farms or staying on boats to protect the boat.  They will PvP, but putting their life on the line for the objective is more important than getting that one PvP kill.


Welcome to Paragon!